Kilder til inspiration

Perspektivering – Reflektion – Fordybelse

Dimash Oudaibergen │ S.O.S. Song at Slavic Bazaar

Why do I live, why do I die? I feel ill with myself... I think I receive waves coming from another world ...

The Man Who Knew Infinity │ Dev Patel & Jeremy Irons

Based on the untold story of one of the greatest minds of his generation. The life of Srinivasa Ramanunjan and his genius for mathematics.

Heal │ The Most Powerful Healer Is Within

A documentary film that takes us on a scientific and spirituel journey where we discover that by changing one's perceptions, the human body can heal itself – Trailer, Netflix

Martinus │ Åndsvidenskab

Martinus (1890 - 1981) – dansk forfatter og mystiker, fik 30 år gammel en række dybe, åndelige lysoplevelser. Herefter oplevede han - ud fra sin intuition – universet som gennemstrømmet af en uendelig kærlighed og visdom.

Buddha Bar │ The Ultimate Experience

Buddha-Bar music that take you on a journey to the heart of contemporary lounge and electronic music – Through their musical selections Ravin and Mario Chaviaras take you on a worldwide tour.

El-hadra │ The Mystic Dance

El Hadra is the rhythmic trance meditation in the tradition of the Sufis.

A Gift Of Love │ Deepak Chopra

Music inspired by the love poems of Rumi – Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi Balkhi was a 13th century Muslim Sufi Saint – After som many centuries his message of Love is being rediscovered and spread by people around the world.

Anthony Williams │ Medical Medium

Anthony Williams is a medical medium and New York Times best-selling author – He talks about how he detects illnesses, the food choices that can help change our lives - This video is about Celery Juice ...

High On Life │ Mads Bo

Danmarks juice- og smoothiemester Mads Bo laver hans favoritopskrifter og kommer med anbefalinger til valg af blender, juicemaskiner og tilbehør.

Leonard Cohen │ A Thousand Kisses Deep

You lose your grip and then you slip into the masterpiece – Leonard Cohen

Thich Nhat Hanh │ Zen Master

Oprah Winfrey talks with Thick That Hanh.

Gary Zukav │ Spiritual Teacher

Gary Zukav is an American spiritual teacher and the author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers. Beginning in 1998, he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss transformation in human consciousness concepts The Seat of the Soul.

Peter A. Levine │ Natures Lessons In Healing Trauma

In this video, you will learn about the physiological basis of trauma – Peter A. Levine

Hereafter │ Clint Eastwood

The film tells three parallel stories about three people affected by death in similar ways - all three have issues of communicating with the dead - Trailer.

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly │ Julian Schnabel

The true story of Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffers a stroke and has to live with an almost totally paralysed body; only his left eye isn-t paralysed - Trailer, Filmstriben, Netflix

Peaceful Warrior │ Dan Millman

A inspirational film about the power of the human spirit – Inspired by true events and based on the best-selling novel by Dan Millman - Official Trailer, Netflix

InnSæi │ The Power Of Intuition

The ancient Icelandic word for intuition is 'InnSæi', but in Iceland it has multiple meanings. It can mean 'The sea within' which is the borderless nature of our inner world - Official trailer, Netflix

Gratitude │ Louie Schwartz

Nature's beauty can be easily missed – but not through Louie Schwartzberg's lens. His stunning timelapse photography - Filmed at TEDxSF

Nature is speaking │ Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is Mother Nature: Nature does not need us – We need Nature

Leonard Cohen │ Anthem

There is a crack in everything – That's how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen